Successful start-up for the #TouchMax embosser

Successful start-up for the #TouchMax embosser purchased by the Japanese company Fuji Satowa Paper Co.,LTD.

The integration and start-up of a TouchMax at the Japanese customer Fuji Satowa Paper has been recently completed: the #Gambini #embossing machine has been placed within an existing Kawanoe Zoki tissue converting line. Gambini has been partnering with Kawanoe Zoki to sell TouchMax in Japan.

Though this sale dates back to 2019, due to the worldwide pandemic-related strong restrictions, only last June it was possible to visit the customer: the picture shows the President of Fuji Satowa Paper, Yoshimasa Satowa – wearing Gambini’s polo shirt -, together with some of his collaborators and the teams from Kawanoe Zoki and Gambini who followed the project.