AirMill introduces a first ever flexible and efficient innovation adding limitless advantages to the tissue converting production process, while providing benefits and creating new opportunities for the paper mill. Starting with conventional dry creped tissue paper in converting, AirMill provides the possibility to produce various textured products while increasing bulk and absorbency, without losing any tensile strength. By retaining tissue paper tensile strength in converting, AirMill also becomes a strategic partner in the paper mill production by providing important energy and cost savings by reducing the refining process, using less long fibers, other grades of fibers, and less chemicals.







TouchMax is the Gambini brand for a range of innovative and flexible embosser/laminators. The TouchMax Family is comprised by TouchMax, TouchMax.Large and the new TouchMax.Twin with the double set-up and the new automatic P oint-to-Point and Point-to-Flat configuration.


  • Produce up to 6 different embossing styles simply by selecting via HMI, with up to 5 steel embossing rolls on-board
  • Automated turret-style pattern changes in less than 10 minutes
  • Settings made via HMI increases production efficiency, while reducing waste
  • Ensures a high level of safety
  • Designed to get along with all converting lines
  • Guarantees better accessibility for maintenance
  • Can laminate in Random, Synchronized and LNG modes

  • Capable for large formats up to 3.6 m (144”)
  • Can laminate in Random, Synchronized and LNG modes

  • Can work in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Flat configurations, in addition to Random, Synchronized and LNG modes
  • Double set-up that can use steel embossing roll diameters of 355 (14”) and 409 mm (16.1”)
  • Compact design for easy integration with all converting lines