Single or double structure unwinding units equipped with a simple and safe reel changeover system.




Flexographic printing units with a closed chamber colour distribution system with doctor blade, equipped with a cantilever system for a quick changeover of the cliché and gearless drive technology.

  • Up to 4 colors
  • Gearless
  • Impression drum 1000 mm




AirMill introduces a first ever flexible and efficient innovation adding limitless advantages to the tissue converting production process, while providing benefits and creating new opportunities for the paper mill. Starting with conventional dry creped tissue paper in converting, AirMill provides the possibility to produce various textured products while increasing bulk and absorbency, without losing any tensile strength. By retaining tissue paper tensile strength in converting, AirMill also becomes a strategic partner in the paper mill production by providing important energy and cost savings by reducing the refining process, using less long fibers, other grades of fibers, and less chemicals.



  • Bulk increase
  • High and fast absorbency capacity
  • Base paper tensile-friendly
  • Wide range of embossing patterns
  • Fine and clear embossing
  • Hand feel
  • Less paper dust
  • Sustainable for environment




TouchMax is the Gambini brand for a range of embossers/laminators, which represents the ultimate fro ntier of the Company technology. The TouchMax Family is made up b y TouchMax, TouchMax.Large and the new double-set TouchMax.Twin.


  • Produce up to 6 different embossing styles simply by selecting via HMI, with up to 5 steel embossing rolls on-board
  • Automated turret-style pattern changes in less than 10 minutes
  • Settings made via HMI increases production efficiency, while reducing waste
  • Ensures a high level of safety
  • Designed to get along with all converting lines
  • Guarantees better accessibility for maintenance
  • Can laminate in Random, Synchronized and LNG modes



  • Capable for large formats up to 3.6 m (144”)
  • Can laminate in Random, Synchronized and LNG modes

  • Can work in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Flat configurations, in addition to Random, Synchronized and LNG modes
  • Double set-up that can use steel embossing roll diameters of 355 (14”) and 409 mm (16.1”)
  • Compact design for easy integration with all converting lines



  • It’s suitable for all those customers who do not require frequent changes of the rolls
  • It’s designed to simplify the embossing process, improving the critical issues that affect the quality of the finished product and the production speed
  • It’s safe and easy to use: EMax has as standard the automatic lamination unit AutoLam, and as an option it can also support FlexLess rolls, to improve the production efficiency and the quality





Completely automatic rewinders distinguished for their utmost v ersatility and extremely easy product changeover, thus guaranteeing high quality. All operations can be set and implemented in full safety from the e xternal operator panel.




The Tail Sealers closes the log using a v ery effective blade or nozzle system distinguished for simplicity in design and versatility of use.


  • The spot gluing system enables a reduced use of glue quantity with respect to the Tail sealers with blade (over 70% saving)
  • The reduced amount of glue avoids the contamination of the channels of the accumulator and the Log Saw
  • The glue is not contaminated by the dust thanks to the closed-circuit system
  • The machinery is more compact (the machine has a station less than the tail sealer with the blade)
  • The quantity of glue to be distributed on the flap is adjustable from panel
  • The tail bands perfectly to the roll
  • There is no aspiration of the tail, consequent energy saving
  • Significant energy savings: about 20%

  • Blade System to close the log
  • Ø up to 400 mm
  • Cycles up to 25 LPM
  • Tail length adjustement from HMI panel
  • Sistema a Lama per chiudere il log
  • Ø da 400 mm
  • Cicli da 25 LPM
  • Regolazione lunghezza lembo da pannello HMI




Accumulators of simple and robust design, controlled by motors with inverters, which enable the accumulation of logs in FIFO (first in - first out) sequence, making the productive process smooth, flowing and efficient.




The Log loader is a separate structure to be connected with the accumulators which allows the loading of logs on one/two Log Saws (two or four lanes) with an independent drive or originating from the accumulators.



The Log Saw unit is equipped with a single-blade cutting unit and universal clamps. All variations of the roll cutting length and trim can be set in complete safety from the external control panel.


  • The DuaLog Model 92.02 is a two-lane Log Saw which cuts the paper logs into industrial rolls
  • The great novelty of DuaLog consists in its ability to cut the rolls on two lanes up to a diameter of 350 mm
  • DuaLog includes 3 sets of steel log clamps, which hold the roll during the cutting phase and are designed to be changed easily

  • The FourFast Log Saw, used to cut paper logs into bathroom tissue or kitchen towel rolls, shows important innovations for
    what concerns cutting and blade grinding
  • The log saw has universal clamps




The coremakers is equipped with motorized blade to guarantee optimal and efficient production of 1-, 2- or more-ply cardboard cores. Coremakers unwind stands have a single structure and are equipped with a glue extrusion transfer system. They may also be equipped with automatic reel changeover system “fly-splice”.

  • Higher production speed
  • Consistent quality cut until blade change
  • Product changeover in less than 10 min
  • Cutting system driven by servomotor
  • High-precision cutting length
  • Control via HMI
  • It shows important innovations for what concerns cutting and blade grinding
  • The log saw has universal clamps



Gambini’s efficiency amplifiers are patented technological innovations that redefine time and standard production modalities, by improving the quality of finished product with faster, more flexible and accurate processes, which are even simpler and safer than before.


(Reel End Splice)

(Reel End Flying Splice)
  • Available on unwinders with automati reel loading system
  • More efficiency due to the reduction of downtime
  • With REFS, also waste reduction

(Anytime Splice)
  • Designed system for structure tissue paper
  • Mother reel change at anytime
  • Equipped with automatic reel loading

  • Innovative laminating unit on linear guides
  • Pneumatically controlled and equipped with a load cell system
  • Laminating system fully controlled via HMI
  • No need of manual adjustments

  • Adaptable on existing machinery
  • Technology possibly applied to rubber embossing rolls and marrying rolls
  • Uniform NIP on pressure variation for an excellent embossing quality
  • Extreme easy to assembly
  • No adjustments required due to rubber roll wear
  • No mechanical stops required for NIP setting

  • Two flat plies bonded by replacing an edge-embossing unit
  • Standard on TouchMax Family and EMax
  • Available on separate side frames for retrofit

  • Motorized marrying roll with FlexLess technology available on the TouchMax Family
  • Quality embossing improvement
  • Enhancement of hand feeling of the finished roll
  • Reduction of the contamination of the marrying roll itself

  • New overhead trim cutting unit on AFH industrial rewinders
  • In combination with the WindAid system, reduction of trim width down to 15 mm (59")
  • Trim width automatically controlled via HMI

  • New core stabilization system on AFH industrial rewinders
  • Reduction of log vibration which can lead to increase production speeds
  • By stabilizing the log during the winding process, no axial movements and no coning effects

  • Intelligent loading system
  • No diverting systems required
  • At least, 50% of production efficiency guaranteed