May 19th, 2019 the President Giovanni Gambini receives the "Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress" Award at the Auditorium Chiesa di San Francesco, in Lucca.

After the notes by Johann Sebastian Bach played by Michela Del Grosso and Ernesto Gaza, students of the Luigi Boccherini Institute of Studies, the ceremony began with institutional greetings.

As the President Giorgio Bartoli recalled in his greeting: "People who with their constant commitment have contributed to the growth of the local economic development and are an example for all: for companies, for workers and for young people who have not found a job yet ".

The mayors delivered the certificates and medals of workers in the private sector with at least 35 years of service, entrepreneurs, administrators and companies with more than 30 years of uninterrupted activity and "historic" companies, which are looking for at least 60 years of activity, companies that have distinguished themselves for internationalization and environmental protection.