We support individual freedom and social growth to increase people’s health and well-being.

Our vision

Individual freedom and social growth

At a first glance, Gambini is a manufacturing company. Indeed it is; and proud to be! But there’s more. If you take the time to look beyond, it all comes to a question: what’s the point of making paper rolls? We know societies evolve and grow when people do not have to worry about their basic needs, such as food and shelter. Or hygiene. It has happened before and in too many places around the world it still has to come true.
But that’s the ultimate goal. Set people free.

People’s health and well-being

Well-being doesn’t mean only health; and it’s not just feeling well. It’s a higher target: Gambini strives to increase it.
Well-being means being healthy, but also safe and valued. It means being able to tell what’s good from what isn’t. Of course we know our machineries just make rolls, not vaccines or clean water: but that’s the magic of our vision. It makes us look at what’s beyond the industry we’re into and feel the responsibility of being part of a greater effort.

Our mission

Spreading the culture of personal hygiene through unique products.

Personal hygiene

We can say well-being is mankind’s strategic goal, can’t we? But you need tactics to get there. Let’s start with taking care of ourselves and the places we live and work in.
One surface at a time, one tissue paper sheet at a time. Hygiene – both of people and environments – is where the products made thanks to our equipment come into play.

Unique products

Products are the tools. But we need unique ones to get where we want to be. All of us know what absorbency or thickness or strength means. But not all producers know how to give them, as well. But markets needs to be satisfied, expectations need to be fulfilled. And surely Gambini knows how to let clients make those kind of rolls: only with our technology.

As simple as that. Stuff you can only achieve if a converting line of ours is what you’re using. Here we’re not talking of square rolls: just the ultimate roll!