Where we come from

Gambini has always been about building stuff. Not really tissue converting lines from its beginning: in the more than 150 years of life, we have focused on many projects and challenges.

What we keep searching for is creating something that works great, delivers value and makes our customers feel statisfied with what they make and sell themselves: we do not want just our customers to be happy, but their customers too!

Who leads us

Gambini S.p.A. is owned and led by a family. And proudly so! The 4th and 5th generations of Gambini – Giovanni and Gianni – passionately oversee on a daily basis where the company chooses to go.

But that wouldn’t be possible without the strong leadership of the members of the Board of Directors, who take care of the firm as if they were family. Well, they are family, indeed, along with all the more than 170 employees, in Italy and USA.


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