Spreading the culture of personal hygiene through unique products


There are many ways to change the world. We believe we can make it one converting line at a time. Because our lines make products that help people around the world take care of themselves and their homes, save time and set energies free so they can grow and enjoy life.

Read on to find out how we can make this happen.


Our job is all about giving value to the things we make. And through the things we make. Our customers are used to enhance their process thanks to our equipment. And they also expect to improve the products they put on the shelves, all around the world.

That’s what we create: value for all.

From jumbos to rolls. From automatic unwinders to log saws. With the best embossing and winding solutions you can find in the industry.
Not simply great ones: just the best.

Just two names: TouchMax and AirMill. No matter the line you already have, our efficiency boosters can fit, thus making old line a state-of-the-art one.

It’s in the world itself: we love to serve, we love to make you feel important. And there’s a reason: it’s because you are important. Your business matters.


Just like Lucca, Italy is the biggest paper district in Europe, Green Bay, Wisconsin is Everybody talks about R&D, nowadays. For us it’s more than a hype: we have even created a spin-off company, with the only purpose of studying tissue paper and inventing new solutions. Both technical (machinery), for our customers to save their money and time; and functional (finished goods), for their customers to get the most out of the toilet and kitchen paper they buy

Welcome to TissueHub: where tissue happens.

Gambini America

Just like Lucca, Italy is the biggest paper district in Europe, Green Bay, Wisconsin is the main one in North America. And just like more than 150 years ago Gambini was born in Lucca, in 2013 we chose to be born again in the US. Introducing Gambini America, Inc.: Ready to get in the game!